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Beachclub Guide

May 19-20, 2024

Here's everything you need to know to prepare your visit and fully enjoy your day at Beachclub!

We strongly advise you to arrive early .
Doors open at 11:00 a.m.

The ultimate checklist to get you ready

Prepare your electronic tickets

Be sure to have your digital tickets ready by accessing your TIXR account and uploading them to the Apple wallet or Google wallet apps to make the your entry scanning process easier and faster.


Arrive early

As the events with David Guetta are sold out, we anticipate a large number of people heading towards Beachclub. To fully enjoy your day and avoid any delays for David Guetta's performance, we strongly advise you to arrive as early as possible. Doors open at 11am.

Bring your IDs

Every person entering the venue must present at least one valid, government-issued photo ID (driver's license, health insurance card, passport, or student ID with photo and date of birth). We strongly recommend having 2 IDs in case of need.

Please note that entry will be denied to anyone who cannot be identified or whose age cannot be verified using a valid and accepted form of identification.

Photos or photocopies of IDs will not be accepted.


Take the time to consult our recently updated FAQ to prepare yourself for your arrival at Beachclub. You will find essential information.


We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with this information before arriving at the festival site.

Prepare your trip

Due to the large number of visitors expected in the area and out of respect for local residents, we strongly advise you to carpool with your friends and/or other attendees if you must travel to the event by car. Please note that parking spaces are limited and parking on the streets, on private property and in businesses in Pointe-Calumet, Oka and Saint-Joseph-du-Lac is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this rule may result in your vehicle being towed, fines and being barred from accessing the Beachclub. We invite you to use the shuttle service if you have the possibility (see shuttle section.)

There is only one way to get to the Beachclub (see how to get there section).

How to get there

To respect residents and avoid traffic jams in the town, here is the only route available to get to Beachclub:

Take Highway 640 W, towards the roundabout. At the roundabout, take the third exit onto route d'Oka/QC-344. Turn right on Montée de la Baie, then left on 38th Street.

Comment se rendre

Due to the high traffic expected in the area this weekend and out of respect for neighboring residents and businesses, we strongly advise you to carpool with your friends and/or other attendees if you must travel to the event by car.


Please note that parking spaces are limited and it is strictly prohibited to park on the streets, on private property and in the parking lots of businesses in Pointe-Calumet, Oka and Saint-Joseph-du-Lac.


If possible, please consider using our shuttle service (while tickets remain.)

Shuttle Buses

To simplify your journey and reduce road congestion, we offer a shuttle service from Montmorency Station to the Beachclub. We highly recommend choosing this convenient option for getting to the event.

Since seats are limited, booking early is encouraged.

As spots are limited, early booking is recommended.

Departure :

  • Location: Montmorency Station (555 rue Lucien Paiement, Laval, QC, Canada, H7N 0A5 / Intersection of rue Lucien Paiement and rue Jacques-Tétreault)

  • Recommended arrival time: 10:30 a.m.

  • Shuttle departure time: 11 a.m.*

  • *Please note that the shuttles will not be able to wait for latecomers.

Back :

  • Location: Beachclub parking lot

  • Departure times: 6:00 p.m., 6:30 p.m., 7:00 p.m.


Authorized/prohibited objects

Authorized items

Prohibited items

  • ''Camelbak'' type bags with a maximum size of 70 oz empty.

  • Small bags (wallet, fanny pack, small handbag or shoulder bag). Subject to security control and discretion.

  • Transparent backpacks or handbags (made of plastic, vinyl or PVC). Subject to safety screening and approval.

  • Empty plastic reusable water bottles/gourd.

  • New and sealed electronic or disposable cigarettes in their original packaging.

  • New and sealed electronic cigarette liquid and cartridges.

  • New and sealed packs of cigarettes.

  • Non-professional cameras and GoPros

  • Jewelry, masks and luminous accessories such as ''Kandi.''

  • Unexpired medications prescribed by a doctor. (You must have the doctor's prescription in your name and consult a security guard on site.)

  • Earplugs

  • Small towels

  • Sunscreen, lip balm/gloss, tampons new and sealed.

  • Powder or solid makeup (powder, blush, palettes, eye shadows and pencils.)

  • New and sealed pack of gum.

  • Cannabis from the SQDC, unopened and sealed in its original packaging. (See question on this for more information.)

Please note that this list is subject to change and items may be subject to entry security inspection.

​Please note that this list is not exhaustive and additional items may be prohibited at the discretion of the security team and all of the above will be subject to confiscation and will not be returned.

  • Firearms, bladed weapons or any other potentially dangerous object.

  • Illicit substances, drugs and illegal products.

  • Coolers.

  • Reusable water bottles made of glass, metal (or any material other than plastic).

  • Food or drinks from off site.

  • Fireworks, firecrackers or explosives.

  • Glass objects such as bottles, glasses or glass containers.

  • Camping equipment including tents and air mattresses, blankets/sleeping bags.

  • Folding chairs or other portable seating.

  • Large flags, banners or signs.

  • Professional photography or video devices.

  • Pets, except duly authorized service animals.

  • Any object deemed inappropriate or likely to disrupt the event by the security team.

  • Laser pointers.

  • Water toys.

  • Coolers, thermoses, containers or bottles.

  • Non-transparent bags that exceed 7.5 in. x 5 in.

  • Large backpacks/bags.

  • Umbrellas.

  • Megaphones.

  • Recorder.

  • Beach balls, soccer balls, baseballs, etc.

  • Musical instruments.

  • Compressed air horns.

  • Large backpacks/bags.

  • Gang clothing depicting criminal activity.

  • Bicycles, skateboards or roller skates.

Daily Schedule


Doors open: 11:00


Doors open: 11:00

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