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  • Where is the Beachclub located?
    Beachclub is located at 701 38e Rue, Pointe-Calumet, QC J0N 1G2.
  • How can I get to Beachclub?
    Here are the different options for getting to the Beachclub: Carpool: If you decide to come by car, please check our social media for the recommended route before the event. We strongly encourage you to share your route with your friends in order to reduce the number of cars in the city and respect the residents. Please note that it is strictly forbidden to park in the streets or private properties around the Beachclub, under penalty of fine and towing. Shuttle: For some events we offer a shuttle service round trip from Station Montmorency in Laval for $19. Please check our website in the "events" section to see if this service is available for the event you are attending. Public transport: You can opt for public transport to get to the Beachclub. You can use the Google Maps application and select the "Transit" option to plot your route or click here. Uber/Taxi: You also have the option of taking a taxi or an Uber. The drop-off point is at the entrance to the site.
  • What is the age requirement to attend Beachclub events?
    The Beachclub is reserved for people aged 18 and over, without exception. Each person must show a valid government-issued photo ID. The Beachclub reserves the right to refuse access to anyone under the required age and/or who does not have a valid identity document (see question below for forms of identity documents accepted) without refund.
  • What IDs are accepted?
    Each person entering the site must present at least one valid identity document, issued by a government authority, with photo (Driver's License, Health Insurance Card, Passport, Student Card with photo and date of birth) . Please note that access will be denied to anyone who cannot be identified and whose age cannot be verified using a valid and accepted form of identification. Photos or photocopies of ID will not be accepted.
  • What are the events this year?
    You can consult all the events announced on the ''Events & Tickets'' page of our website.
  • Can I leave the site and come back at any time during the event?
    No, once you leave the venue gates, you cannot re-enter. In other words, you are free to leave the venue at any time, however, it is important to note that you will not be allowed to return to it once you have left it.
  • Is there parking?
    We have a limited number of free parking lots as well as paid VIP parking ($). Please note that it is strictly forbidden to park in the streets or private properties around the Beachclub, under penalty of a fine and towing.
  • Est-ce que je peux amener ma nourriture et/ou mes boissons?
    Non, il est strictement interdit d'apporter votre propre nourriture ou boissons sur le site. Tout article de ce type sera confisqué par la sécurité à l'entrée et ne vous sera pas rendu. Pour une liste de tous les objets autorisés/interdits, veuillez consulter la section intitulée "Objets autorisés/interdits" de notre FAQ.
  • Can I buy food on site?
    Yes. We have many food vendors available as "food trucks".
  • What are the accepted methods of payment at Beachclub?
    We accept cash and credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Interac debit cards).
  • Additional general information
    * All sales are final. * No refunds or exchanges. * Artists, lineup and schedules are subject to change without notice. * Beachclub is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. It is recommended not to bring valuables.
  • What items are allowed on the site?
    The allowed objects are: ''Camelbak'' type bags with a maximum size of 70 oz empty. Small bags (wallet, fanny pack, small purse or shoulder bag) measuring up to 7.5" x 5", with or without handle and/or shoulder strap. Subject to security control and discretion. Transparent backpacks or handbags (plastic, vinyl or PVC). Subject to security review and approval. Empty plastic reusable water bottles/gourd. New and sealed electronic or disposable cigarettes in their original packaging. New and sealed electronic cigarette liquid and cartridges. New and sealed cigarette packs. Non-professional cameras and GoPros Jewellery, masks and luminous accessories like ''Kandi.'' Medication prescribed by a doctor that has not expired. (You must have the doctor's prescription in your name and consult a security officer on site.) Ear plugs Small towels Sunscreen, lip balm/gloss, pads new and sealed. Powder or solid makeup (foundation powder, blusher, palettes, eye shadows and pencils.) Brand new and sealed gum pack. Cannabis from the SQDC, unopened and sealed in its original packaging. (See question on this subject for more information.) Please note that this list is subject to change and items may be subject to security inspection upon entry.
  • What items are not allowed on the site?
    Unauthorized objects are: Firearms, bladed weapons or any other potentially dangerous object. Illegal substances, drugs and illegal products. Cool boxes. Reusable water bottles made of glass, metal (or any material other than plastic). Food or drink from off-site. Fireworks, firecrackers or explosives. Glass objects such as bottles, glasses or glass containers. Camping equipment, including tents and inflatable mattresses, blankets/sleeping bags. Folding chairs or any other portable seat. Large flags, banners or placards. Professional photography or video equipment. Pets, except duly authorized service animals. Anything deemed inappropriate or likely to disrupt the event by the security team. Laser pointers. Water toys. Coolers, thermos, containers or bottles. Non-transparent bags that exceed 7.5" x 5. Large backpacks/bags. Umbrellas. Megaphones. Recorder. Beach balls, soccer balls, baseballs, etc. Musical instruments. Compressed air horns. Large backpacks/bags. Gang clothing representing criminal activity. Bicycles, skateboards or roller skates. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and additional items may be prohibited at the discretion of the security team and all of the above will be subject to confiscation and will not be not returned.
  • What type of bag is allowed?
    The bag policy goes as follows: Camelback bags with a maximum size of 70 oz (must be empty on arrival) are allowed. Bags measuring more than 7.5" x 5", with or without handle and/or shoulder strap are required to be transparent. Ex: plastic, vinyl or PVC. (Backpack, handbag, shoulder bag). Bags measuring less than 7.5" x 5", with or without a handle and/or shoulder strap are not required to be transparent. (Bum bags, small handbags, wallets, etc.) Large bags are not allowed such as sports bags. Please note that all bags will be subject to security inspection upon entry. Other types of bags may be prohibited for security reasons.
  • Can I bring a cooler?
    No, coolers are not allowed.
  • Can I bring a reusable water bottle?
    Yes, empty plastic reusable water bottles are allowed (maximum size 32 oz). Any other type of reusable bottle will be confiscated and will not be returned (metal, glass, etc.).
  • Can I bring food and/or beverages?
    No, it is strictly prohibited to bring food or drinks to the Beachclub site.
  • I have a medical prescription. How can I bring it?
    To qualify, all prescriptions must be in the original containers, properly labeled, and match the holder's ID card. In order to facilitate and speed up the search and control process, you can also bring a doctor's note.
  • Can I bring cannabis?
    Yes, under the following conditions: All cannabis products brought onto the site must be in the original sealed packaging from the SQDC, or other government sources. All cannabis products must have been purchased legally in Canada. Any cannabis products that do not comply with the law will not be accepted or permitted on the site. An individual may have in their possession a maximum of 30 grams, the maximum amount allowed by law. No sale of cannabis is authorized on the site. Consume in moderation.
  • What are the opening hours of the Beachclub?
    The Beachclub is only open during events. To find out about the program for 2023, please consult the "events" page on our website. Generally, our hours of operation during events are 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. However, please note that specific times for each event will be announced on our social media the week before the event. We invite you to check our social media page for the day's schedule. Please note that opening and closing times may be subject to change.
  • What events are planned at the Beachclub this year?
    All events are posted on the events page of our website and on our social media pages. Some events are organized and presented by the Beachlub and others are presented and organized by third parties. This is specified on the ''event'' page of our website and on the event flyers.
  • How can I buy a ticket?
    You can buy your ticket on our website via the ''event'' page by clicking on the ''ticket'' button of the event that interests you.
  • What does the VIP ticket include?
    VIP tickets, available in limited quantities, give you fast track access as well as access to our Corona VIP section (a VIP section with a dedicated bar and an elevated view of the stage). Please note that this ticket does not include access to the boxes and/or cabanas. To reserve a VIP suite or cabana, please contact:
  • How do I book a cabana or lodge?
    To book your cabana or lodge, you have two convenient options. You can fill out the form available on the "Cabanas & Lodges" page of our website or email our reservations team at Please note that our team strives to respond to all inquiries within 24-48 business hours. In order to facilitate the process, please include the following information in your request: your name, telephone number, the event you wish to attend, the type of accommodation you wish to book and the number of people expected.< /p>
  • How does the “Waitlist” work?
    The TIXR Waitlist offers fans the opportunity to obtain tickets when an event is sold out . By pre-authorizing payment on your credit card, you are placed on a waiting list (your card will not be charged before tickets are given to you.) If tickets become available (e.g. cancellation of an order), they will be automatically allocated according to the order of registration. It is important to know that being on the waiting list does not guarantee tickets. You have the option to unsubscribe from the waiting list at any time.
  • What happens after I sign up for the Waitlist?
    After registering for the Waitlist, you will receive a confirmation email from TIXR. If tickets become available, the full amount of the purchase will be automatically charged to your credit card, and a purchase confirmation will be sent to you by email along with your tickets.
  • Can I remove myself from the “Waitlist”?
    You can remove yourself from the Waitlist at any time if your order has not yet been processed. Simply log into your Tixr account, click Waitlist , find the event and click "Remove me from Waitlist".
  • I purchased passes from a reseller, third party, etc. How can I guarantee that they are legitimate and valid?
    Only tickets purchased directly from Yoop, the official supplier tickets for the Beachclub, are guaranteed valid. We strongly advise against purchasing passes from a third party or reseller. We cannot provide assistance, authentication or support for passes purchased from unauthorized third parties. Validation of the pass purchased from a third party can only be done during the daily site scan.
  • What is the refund policy?
    Sales are final. Refunds and/or exchanges are not available.
  • I need help with the tickets I purchased, what should I do?
    For any help or questions regarding a ticket order, you should contact the Yoop Ticketing Support Team at the following email address:
  • I lost an item during one of your events, who should I contact?
    If you have lost an item at a Beachclub event, please email info@midwaygroup. ca with as much detail as possible (item description, where you left it, etc.) If you lost an item during an event that was not organized by the Beachclub, please contact the promoter.
  • I am a photographer or videographer. How do I get media accreditation?
    Please write to and indicate the event you wish to cover and your portfolio. Please note that due to high demand, only selected media will be contacted. Thank you for your interest 😊!
  • How can I apply to work at the Beachclub?
    Our team is currently complete. Our recruitment process takes place annually starting in February. We invite you to consult our social networks to find out about available positions or to not miss next year's job fair!
  • I have a question that has not been answered here. How can I contact you?
    You can contact us on our social media (Instagram or Facebook) for a quick response or you can send us an e-mail to (please allow up to 72h for an e-mail response) email).
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